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        Company Introduction
        Company Introduction
        Jilin Haitian International Labour Cooperation Co., LTD was founded in March 1999, approved by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China with the right of dispatching labor workers in fields of engineering, manufacturing and service to foreign countries. Meanwhile, JHT has passed through ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. In April 2000, JHT invested nearly twenty million yuan to build a modern office building with the floor area over three thousand square meters in the golden mile of Changchun City, Jilin Province. JHT has five international business departments consisting of forty-six regular employees, who have managerial experience and practical experience respectively in various projects overseas or dispatching technical workers to different countries in fields of engineering, manufacturing, service, etc. In a word, JHT has a professional team concerning foreign affairs with extensive experience.
        With the great effort to operate for many years, JHT keep developing and growing. In November 2013, JHT established labor dispatching company in the form of joint venture in Vietnam. In December 2013, JHT established labor dispatching company in the form of joint venture in Myanmar. In February 2014, JHT established labor dispatching company in the form of joint venture in Cambodia. In April 2016, JHT provided the funds to establish Inner Mongolia Tianhai Foreign Labour Dispatching Co.LTD, and in August of the same year, JHT as a study abroad agency approved by Ministry of Education of China.
        License &Honour
        JHT has been rated the honour title as "the excellent foreign labor cooperation enterprises of Jilin Province" many times.
        Training School in Japan

          Jilin Haitian International Labour Cooperation Co., LTD.In September 2014, JHT invested 60 million Yen to build a training school, occupies the total area of 815.28sqm and construction area is around 325sqm. The training school is large enough to accommodate over 110 international skill interns. International skill interns learn different culture, local manners, basic and practical Japanese language in the Training School.
        Labor consultation
        Service Account
        Add:Building 3, Jixing V Garden, West Wutiao Street, Kuancheng District,
        Changchun City, Jilin Province, China.
        Fax:0086-431-86119955 E-mail: haitian@www.gd-chuanqi.com.cn
        ?2019 Jilin Haitian International Labour Cooperation Co., LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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