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        Joint venture
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        The joint venture company in Vietnam
        In November 2013, JHT establishedCooperative Economy Development and Labour Joint Stock Company(LABCOOP)as a joint venture in Vietnam.LABCOOP has six international business departments. Currently the company has thirty regular employees. Up to now, LABCOOP has dispatched nearly 10 thousand laborers to different countries and regions such as Japan and Taiwan in various fields including building, automobile parts processing, painting, carton processing, porcelain processing, stone processing, electrical welding, printing, sewing, electronics, agriculture planting, livestock breeding, and food processing and so on. And every year, 2000 laborers  are dispatched to Japan.
        The joint venture company in Cambodia
        In February 2014, JHT established BRIDGE JC Co., LTDas a joint venture in the capital Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In October 2016, BRIDGE was approved by Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training of Cambodia to dispatch laborers to foreign countries, such as dispatching technical intern to Japan in the field of sewing, agriculture planting, food processing, building and so on. Currently the company has fifteen employees, including five Japanese translators and four Japanese teachers.
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